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Front-end optimizations you can start doing right now

I would strongly suggest to any serious front-end developer to (really) learn JavaScript and understand the basics of DOM. Of course, some may argue that many JavaScript-specific hacks and tricks do not have much impact on performance as perceived by the final user, and I completely agree.┬áThat being said, in this article I’ll share some techniques that you can implement right now on your current code base to make it faster, and from now on, you should have them in mind whenever you write JavaScript for future projects.
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Ode to expressiveness

Reading /r/dailyprogrammer I found a typical programming problem, a change calculator: write a function that given certain amount of money, returns the minimal number of coins to change the money. The arbitrary values for those coins are 1, 5, 10 and 20 (this problem can be also be rendered in cents, but is pretty much the same). However, what most surprised me, it was compare the solutions provided by the users in JavaScript and Cobol:

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